ainslie currie


"I first met Ainslie in 2007. I was a shy, retiring teenager suddenly thrust into the limelight after signing a recording contract with Universal. I constantly felt out of my depth but Ainslie was an absolute dream. She made everything feel much easier. It was like having your best friend by your side which was a massive comfort during photo shoots - something I never felt comfortable with!
Ainslie is so talented. I've never felt anything less than a million dollars after she works her magic on me. She can literally do anything and over the years we have tried hundreds of different looks. 
It's testament to Ainslie's talent and her wonderful personality that 8 years later she's still always by my side. The thought of doing a tour without her doesn't bare thinking about."   


"I have worked and travelled with Ainslie extensively over the past 14 years and she is a dream to work with.

Both creative and intuitive with a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is a true team player who really understand the "big picture" from inspiration and references through to the final edit. I can honestly say Ainslie is a kind, considerate and punctual, with an amazing sense of humour and for such a beautiful/elegant woman, is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Her artistry in the field of make-up is first rate and it is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend her both personally and professionally"


"Ainslie is warm and really friendly with the kind of good energy i like to hang out with. She is confident and creative. She has a really good eye and she made an impact on me with both her personality and talent. She is a pleasure to work with."